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Nov 24 '11

Beloved Thanksgiving.

Most gainers “get out of trying to slyly eat as much as they can without anyone really noticing that they are packing in more food then humanly possibly”. That’s my kind of day, where you surround yourself with family, eat food that is far to heavy to be on one plate, and watch game shows as you all try to figure out the answer first. Yes, that is my type of thanksgiving, but I would enjoy it more if I used have my plate of food to feed someone instead. It’s a silly thought, but sharing is caring, and I have to show an extreme amount of care for bellies nation wide. That’s what a good chaser/encourager does, correct? If that’s not how it’s supposed to be, then stamp me as incorrect but I shall do things my way. 

Lately, motivation has been lacking in the writing department, where the no fucks have been found. It’s an interesting disease, I have, but I just don’t give two shits. Interesting as it may be, I have been lacking in the arousal factor as well, staying busy with “real-life” bullshit, on top of half-awake inspiration fests. There needs to come a time where the information I ponder up before I am in a lazy daze is transferred on the computer for me to later interpret. It would most likely be full of “herp derp and rainbows” but I don’t think anyone would mind my babble. I sure the hell don’t mind my horny mind criss-crossing back and forth between straddling a large gut to burrowing my face into a hairy chest.